Hi! I’m Heather Kokx (aka Happiness Expert, aka Heather the Yoga Nerd). I practice yoga, meditation, energy healing and I study the Enneagram. I also watch Star Wars, Marvel movies, read fantasy books, play board games, hiking and paddle boarding. It seems like a weird mix, I know. But it’s me. And it’s taken me a long time to get to a place where I like me.

That’s why I’m writing this blog. I want to help others find their true self, love themselves and have fun along the way. I love it when I see my clients begin to grow and blossom. To see them shed the layers of behavior patterns that are no longer helping them, but in fact are holding them back from moving forward in life. Furthermore, I believe everyone has a nerd inside them about something. Maybe it isn’t Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Maybe it’s quilting. Maybe it’s NASCAR. Maybe it’s makeup and fashion. Doesn’t matter. It’s something you are passionate about. Finding that passion is a huge part of finding your true self.

I write newsletters sharing the information I have learned that has helped me become a happier, healthier person. I write about practices that have helped me to become more comfortable in my skin. I write about personal learning experiences I’ve had along the way and still have every day. I’m continually learning and sharing. And I also occasionally share a nerdy moment or two.

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Who is Heather?

As much as I’d like to be a superhero with an alternate identity, that is not the case. I’m just Heather, a girl born, raised, and currently living in Littleton, CO.

After graduating from college in December 1996 with a Bachelors in English, I joined the corporate world. Life was okay in the corporate world and I learned a lot. But one day in late 1999, I woke up and thought, “If every day of the rest of my life is like today, I will not be happy.”

At first I decided to run away to Europe and find myself. Instead, I ran away to massage school where my healing journey began.  I graduated in December 2001 after a 2 year program.

In 2004, I began studying energy work with a teacher in Monument, Colorado. With her I learned about energy healing and meditation. Also in 2004, while in therapy to learn why I kept dating the same guy over and over again, I learned about the Enneagram.

The combination of energy, meditation and therapy with the Enneagram must have worked. In May 2005, I met my fantastic husband. We married in October 2008.

And finally, in October 2011, I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training as a means to slowly retire from practicing massage.

Today, I’m living happily with my husband and our fluff corgi, Ember. Along with teaching yoga and meditation, I practice energy therapy and teach Enneagram workshops. Every day I work to help my awesome clients see for themselves what I see in them, a wonderful person whose uniqueness is delightful. I enjoy helping people find a path to healing and hope to build a community of healing nerds by sharing what I teach on this blog. I figure I can only help so many people in a day with hour-long sessions. But on a blog, I can hopefully spread the love even farther to anyone who is interested.


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  1. Heather – I am thrilled that I found your website! Bonnie shared it with us last night at her Zoom class. I didn’t know you were doing classes outside of LYC. I’m looking forward to practicing with you!

  2. Hi Heather!
    I wanted to let you know I’ve linked to your blog post about 7 Truths about Healing on my blog that is going live today 4/6/2018!!!
    I found you on our Intentional Blog FB group!!!
    Thanks so much!!!
    Here’s the link to my blog that mentions you: https://wp.me/p6RuDc-pV

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