Chakra Meditation – All the Cool Kids Do It

Chakra Meditation – All the Cool Kids Do It
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The how to and why chakra meditation is such an awesome practice.

When I first started meditating regularly, Chakra Meditation was all I did. Every night when I got into bed, I would sit in bed and meditate. Going through the chakras one by one, chanting a mantra as I focused on each one. It was an assignment from my energy healing teacher. The idea was to not only heal my chakras, but to improve my capability to channel energy. Also, I think it was a great way to learn to meditate.

Meditating on your chakras is a great way to learn how to meditate because it gives you something firm to focus on and there is a beginning and an end. Also, I find that you begin to learn how to feel energy with this practice. The more you meditate, the more you increase your ability to channel in energy. The more energy you channel, the closer you come to becoming a Jedi. I’m just kidding. Though, I am serious about channeling energy into your body.

Imagine there is an electric cord connecting you to source. When you use your intention to call upon energy, source sends this energy though the electric cord. If you keep a regular practice, that energy cord will become bigger and bigger, allowing you to bring in more and more energy.

Furthermore, as you meditate on a regular basis, the energy cord reaches higher and higher. The higher it goes, the more powerful the energy. This is cool and frustrating all at the same time. You see, the energy reaches up in levels. So, let’s say you have been meditating for a while and you have reached the top of level one. At the top of level one, when you meditate, you feel a sense of euphoria. You can feel the energy all around you and you think, “Ah, I understand now why monks would stay in a cave for years alone meditating! This is fantastic!” And then you graduate to level two.

Now you are at the bottom of level two and suddenly meditation is frustrating again. You can’t stay focused. There is no sense of euphoria. What the hell happened?

With meditation, you grow, hit the glass ceiling, break it, and then start over again until you hit the next glass ceiling. So, try to push through the frustration when you reach level two, knowing that the meditation is working and you are growing!

All of this sounds exciting! Now you are wondering HOW do I meditate with my chakras?

Basically, you only need to know where each chakra is to meditate on the chakras. You don’t need to know the Sanskrit name or the individual seed sounds of each chakra, or the color, or any of that. (Although I will explain all of those things later on.) Base line, you only need to know where they are on the body.  The other stuff is gravy.

So, if you missed my post on chakras, here is a quick reminder. There are seven chakras moving up the spine starting from the tailbone. I have them listed below as they appear on the spine.

Aura Courtesy of Pixabay

7th chakra – crown of the head

6th chakra – between the eyebrows

5th chakra – throat

4th chakra – heart

3rd chakra – diaphragm

2nd chakra – pelvis

1st chakra – tailbone

When meditating on the chakras, you start from either the top or the bottom and work your way through. Traditionally, you work from the bottom up, but often I like to work from the top down. Working from the bottom up sometimes leaves a bunch of energy in the head. When I work from the top down, I end with the 1st chakra and feel more grounded after.

So, on to how you meditate on chakras.

You meditate on the chakras by bringing your awareness to each one, one at a time, and focusing on them for a period of time.  Baseline, you can just breathe into them with the intention of healing. Another way is to chant “Om” out loud or in your head as you focus on each chakra. Or, you can focus on the color of each one. If you want more detail, you can chant their seed sounds out loud or in your head.

Here are the colors and seed sounds of each chakra, as well as how I remember each seed sound. The sounds are simple words all ending in “am.” Even though they are all spelled with “am,” they actually rhyme with “mom.” Except for Om. Om does not rhyme mom. Om rhymes with home. Which is why many yogis refer to their fellow yogis as their “Omies.” I know, very punny…

7th – White – “Om” – The 7th chakra doesn’t have a seed sound, so we just use Om.

6th – Purple – “Om” – Om is Universal and powerful, like the intuition of the 6th chakra

5th – Blue – “Ham” – I remember the “H” by thinking “Hum” and it is the throat chakra where you would make a humming sound.

4th – Green – “Yam” – I remember the “Y” because the line between the breasts and then down the belly kind of looks like a “Y,” and this chakra is located in the breast area.

3rd – Yellow – “Ram” – I remember the “R” because the 3rd chakra is the power center, and rams are power full animals.

2nd – Orange – “Vam” – I remember the seed sounds as “V” because the uterus, where it is located, looks like a “V.”

1st – Red – “Lam” – I remember the seed sound as “L” for the lowest of the chakras.

And now, finally, a step by step “how to.”

Ashes Sitoula via Unsplash

First, find a comfortable position. Traditionally you sit, either cross-legged or in a chair. You can lie down, but there is more risk of falling asleep that way.

Close your eyes and become aware of the room around you. Hearing the sounds, feeling the air of the room. Then bring your awareness to your body. Feel the ground beneath you. Feel your clothing touching your skin. And then begin to relax the body by starting at the forehead and softening the muscles there. Work your way down from there, softening the rest of the face and jaw, softening the neck and shoulders, relaxing the arms, etc.

Once you have relaxed the body and you are feeling more grounded, begin to focus on your breath. This will help you get centered and focused. Just observe your breath moving in and out of the body with curiosity. Don’t try to control the breath. Just watch the breath as if you were a scientist watching how it behaves. Traditionally, you are breathing through the nose but you can breathe through the mouth if that is easier.

Once you feel centered, grounded and focused, bring your attention to your first chakra at the tailbone. As you hold your attention there, either just breathe into that area, chant out loud or in your head “Om” or its seed sound “Lam,” or focus on the color in that area, which is red.

As you focus on the chakra, you can time how long you stay there by counting breaths or chants, or you can just stay there until you feel ready to move on. If you are having a hard time focusing on a particular chakra, you probably need to stay on that one longer and help it out.

Once you have finished the first chakra, move to the second chakra. Whatever you did on the first chakra, do it for the second chakra. And so on until you have gone through each chakra.

Once each chakra has been meditated on, take a moment to feel all the chakras at once. I like to imagine all of them glowing with energy, filling my energetic field, vibrating through me.

When you feel ready to release the meditation, return your awareness to your breath. Then, keeping your eyes closed, bring your awareness to the room. Then to your body. Then, with eyes closed, begin to wake up the body by wiggling your  fingers and toes or stretching your arms or moving your neck. Do whatever would feel good. When feel ready, open your eyes.

Dorota Dylka via Unsplash

If you have questions, please email me. I love meditating on the chakras and would love to help you meditate with them as well. It is a great way to learn to meditate and build a meditation practice.



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