Finding Your Childlike Joy

Finding Your Childlike Joy

I got new shoes today.

I put them on for the first time to take Ember the Fluff Corgi outside. Before I went out, I held out my foot to my husband and said, “See! New shoes!” Now, he knew I had new shoes. He was with me when I bought them. But I had them on! I was wearing them for the first time! They were shiny and sharp and I wanted him to see how cool they were, too. I felt like such a little kid at that moment. But I didn’t care. I was happy.

I have a lot of moments like this. Moments where I feel like I’m six again and I’m happy.  (Except when I’m taking cold medicine and making “yucky” faces like I’m six. Yes, that happened recently as well. Not necessarily a happy moment. But it still reminded me of being a kid.) These moments when a sense of childhood joy bursts through me feels like pure untainted joy. I can only imagine this is a good thing.

Like when I see a rainbow. Whenever I see a rainbow I feel like I’m a child again. Rainbows are such magical things. Last summer there was the biggest, brightest double rainbow outside. It lasted for the longest time. I took pictures and then just stared at it, smiling.

I figured this “feeling like a kid is good for you” idea must be a real thing. So, I went to the ole’ trusty internet for backup. Turns out it is. It might as well be the cure for cancer with all the good things thinking like a kid can do for you.

Thinking like a child can:

Make you happier.

Make you a better person.

Make you more creative.

Make you better at business.

Keep you sharp as you age.

Manage stress.

Elevate you to be your best.

Change your life.

Yes, these are all the headlines I read on the internet after searching “thinking like a child is good for you.” All of these ideas pretty much revolve around the idea that all of these benefits happen because children live in the moment, don’t hold grudges, and think positively.

Ember playing with bubbles.

But what intrigues me the most about feeling like a kid again is the joy in the little things. Take, for example, bubbles. I love blowing bubbles. I love watching the bubbles with their rainbow highlights float away and eventually break with a splat in the grass. Or they pop in the jaws of Ember the Fluff Corgi. She loves bubbles, too.

I believe that joy in the little things makes us feel special. I feel special when I see a rainbow. I feel special when I see a dragonfly cruise across the yard, or a hummingbird drink from a flower. I’m not saying that all childlike joy comes from nature. (Right now I might just be yearning for spring!) I think that childlike joy comes from creating things as well. I feel the same way when I’m baking cookies or coloring. Sometimes I feel that childlike joy when I’m writing.

One year, I made all of my thank you cards with ink stamps and water-color. I had such fun doing it. Some of them looked fantastic. Some of them looked, well, not so fantastic. I remember my Grandmother calling me when she received hers. She told me how much she liked it and thanked me for taking the time to make it. Now, that’s not why I made the cards. I made them because I thought it would be fun. But my little girl inside smiled proudly when Grandma liked hers.

I’m sure there are tons of things other than nature and creating that bring about childlike joy. I think that is for you to discover. And in discovering and recognizing what brings you this childlike joy, you are walking toward the path of healing.

What am I trying to say here? What I’m trying to say is: I think childlike joy is not only a path to being a happier person, I think it is a path to loving yourself. In my blog “The Seven Truths about Healing,” the first truth is learning to love yourself – every little bit. When we love ourselves, we are willing to invest in ourselves.

I think when we tap in to that childlike joy, we are communicating with our Inner Child. We are playing with her and she feels loved.  Loving your Inner Child is a huge step in loving yourself. It is a way to get to know ourselves better. When we know what makes us happy, what brings us joy, we can bring more of that into our lives. And, what brings us joy makes us feel special. When we feel special, we feel our self-love.

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