Grounding Hacks

Grounding Hacks
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A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about becoming grounded at a moment’s notice. Since then, I ran across an image of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal dance move. The one where his feet stay flat on the ground but his body moves to a 45 degree angle.  It made me think of the benefits of being grounded. When I searched the video on YouTube to watch it in detail, I found this surprising video. I learned the dance move is a trick.

Now, maybe many of you already knew this. I did not. And, for some reason, I didn’t care. Even tricks can work for staying grounded.

This dance move reminds me of the benefits of being grounded because he is rooted so deeply into the ground that he can lean forward without falling over. We want to be grounded so deep that, no matter what happens around us, we are present and therefore can choose our response instead of the chaos around us making that choice for us.

For example, think of a tree. A tree is deeply anchored in the ground. Because of this anchor, it will remain standing regardless of the weather around it. Now, like the rest of us, a tree isn’t always perfect. It might get caught off guard and lose a limb under the weight of a heavy spring snow. Or, maybe its roots have rotted and it topples over in a strong wind.

We can all get caught off guard. But for the most part, if we remain grounded, the chaos around us will not make us fall from our intention.

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There is a saying I see all the time on Tiny Buddha’s Facebook page. “Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.” This is exactly what it means to be grounded.

The questions is, HOW do you get grounded?

Learning to be grounded is a practice. The more you practice, the easier it is to get there. The more you practice, the longer you stay in a grounded place. It’s like a muscle you are constantly strengthening.  It’s sometimes hard at first. This is where hacks come in.

In order for Michael Jackson’s move to work, he needed to put nails in the stage. He then created a shoe with a groove in the heel he could slide the nail into like a picture frame. “Grounded” to the stage with the nail, he could move into a 45 degree angle without falling. Michael Jackson then patented the shoe, so don’t try this at home. You don’t want to get sued. *smile* Although, you can by the shoes for around $300 dollars.

So, what can you do to energetically “nail” your feet to the ground for stability?

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Crystals and Stones – The energy of some crystals and stones can help ground your energy when you wear them on your body. You can get a bracelet, a ring, earrings, or a necklace pendant. You can carry the loose stones in your pocket. I knew a girl in massage school who wore stones in her bra. In my younger years, I would get a leather pouch to wear around my neck and fill it with helpful stones. I have a funny story that goes with this if you will indulge me…

End of my freshman year of college, I came home for the summer. My dad asked me about the leather pouch around my neck. I explained to him it was full of stones that helped me energetically. He didn’t say much. Days went on. One day, I was walking through the kitchen and from the corner of my eye I noticed a bunch of small stones sitting on top of the microwave. They looked vaguely familiar. I stopped to investigate further. They were my stones, which made no sense because mine were in my leather pouch around my neck…Or were they? I opened up my leather pouch and inside were animal crackers. Next to the microwave was a big jar of animal crackers. I had to laugh at my dad’s joke. I was just amazed I didn’t even notice the difference in weight. And I’m embarrassed to say it had been days before I noticed. *blush*

Anyhoo, let’s start with Hematite. Hematite stone is famous for its grounding abilities. It also soaks up any negative energy you may be holding, leaving you grounded and free from negativity.

Hematite can be pretty heavy and powerful. If you find you want something less intense, try Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz grounds and stabilizes. It also neutralizes negative vibrations by replacing them with light. Smoky Quartz is also a powerful root chakra stone, balancing and cleansing the chakra. (The root chakra connects us to the earth by sending energy from our tail bone down to the earth. The root chakra relates to our primitive needs. When we are stressed about work, money, etc, it is usually felt in the root chakra. A post focusing on Chakras will be in the near future.)

Finally, Jasper has a strong earth energy to it, grounding and healing your energy. There are different types of jasper, but all have the grounding effect. Read up on the different kinds and decide which is most beneficial to you.

Connecting to Your Feet – Outside of carrying stones, the easiest hack is to simply connect to your feet. Take off your shoes and feel the soles of your feet on the grass or pavement. Massage your feet or get a foot massage ball. Bringing your awareness to your feet takes the energy spinning in your head into your feet, grounding your energy.

Sea Salt Baths – If you are into baths, a sea salt bath can be very grounding as well as cleansing. Often I will take the crystals I use during my energy sessions and soak them in sea salt water to cleanse them. The same effect will happen if you soak your body in sea salt water.

Three Deep Breaths – Deep breathing will always help calm the mind and ground the body. If you need a quick fix, consciously take three deep breaths then check in. If you need three more, do it. If you have the presence of mind to take three deep breaths before reacting to something, that is awesome!

If you want to strengthen the length of time you stay grounded, meditation is a great way to practice becoming grounded and learning to be grounded for longer periods of time. For more Heather the Yoga Nerd information on Meditation, click here. Yoga also helps to ground, especially if you are someone who has a mind that won’t stop spinning.

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The longer we learn to stay grounded, the more present and stable we will be, allowing more control of our immediate reactions to our world. And when we lose that sense of grounding, learning tools to reclaim that sense of grounding are vital. I suggest you play with all of these grounding hacks and see which one works best for you.  For example, it has been a long time since I wore stones. I tend to connect to my feet when I need to become grounded and use meditation to strengthen my ability to stay that way. But what works for me may not work for you. So experiment. How you get there isn’t as important as being there.

Do you have trouble being present in the moment? Have there been times you reacted without thinking? I definitely have!  What do you do to help be present in the moment? I’d love to hear your stories and tips!

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