“Return” – Part 3 of the Hero’s Journey Trilogy: COVID-19 Edition

Previously on “The Hero’s Journey Trilogy”…

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us, the heroes, to go outside of our comfort zones to face uncertainty, challenges, and dangers. If you missed Part 1 of the Hero’s Journey – “Departure,” click here.

It is in this journey of danger and challenge that we, the heroes, experience successes and failures. These experiences give us wisdom and rewards. If you missed Part 2 of the Hero’s Journey – “Initiation,” click here.

And here we are at “The Return.” Or are we?

Return – The Hero returns to their world with a reward for conquering their challenge. The hero is transformed and has gained wisdom and spiritual power over their world and the adventure world they survived.

The hero learns new things about themselves while on their adventure. They learn their strengths and weaknesses. They learn new skills. And the heroes in all the stories always learn a vital lesson: they can handle anything that comes their way.

These are the wisdom and rewards the hero receives at the end of their journey.

It was difficult to write this blog because I don’t believe we have reached this part of our Hero’s Journey, yet. We don’t know what the end looks like.

So what can we do about that now?

I think it helps to remember that in the hero’s journey we are the heroes.

Which is helpful to remember because Yoga teaches us that the one thing we have control of is ourselves.

That means it is our story. As you make your way through the journey, ask yourself, “How do I want my story to end?”

YOU are your own hero. You have control over how you react to this situation.

For example, I received notice from government officials that I had to stop teaching yoga and discontinue my massage business. At first I felt out of control and worried about how I would deal with the loss of income. Then I thought, what if this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for to shift my business in the direction I have always dreamed of? At first my response was fear. Then I realized I have control over how I decided to react to this situation. Will I surrender to the fear and spend the time stressing? Or will I take this situation as an opportunity to push my comfort zone and find other means of doing business?

We are each the heroes of our own story. We each have control over how we react to this pandemic. And we each have the choice whether or not to go after the rewards and wisdom the experience will give us.

We haven’t reached the end of this journey yet. I believe in my heart that the experience of this pandemic will grant wisdom and rewards for all of us, the heroes of the story. We just need to be open to being the hero.

You are the hero you have been looking for. So take a step back and observe your situation. Ask yourself, “How do I want the story to end?”

What will your story be?

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