All About Food

I’ve been thinking a lot about food this week. Which has brought up some revelations and questions.

On Monday night, I taught a workshop on Mindful Eating. (For more information on Mindful Eating, click here.) The whole workshop revolved around the idea of being present while eating. As a society, we like to be distracted while eating. Most of the time it is in the form of a digital screen watching a show or reading social media. Which led me to wonder, “Is food really that boring? So boring that we need to be entertained in some way while eating?”

During the workshop, we practiced mindful eating. Everyone filled their plates with various bits of food to observe. We all took a minute to get centered and grounded, then started to eat. I guided them to first look at the food observing its color, its texture, its smell. They were then guided to take a bite and observe the flavor as well as the texture and sound. From there, everyone proceeded to eat mindfully for another 10 minutes. My conclusion from all of this was:

  • Crunchy food is really noisy.
  • Food isn’t boring.
  • Instead, it was a bit lonely to be eating in silence. Especially in a room full of people.


Also on Monday, I started a two week online cleanse called “The Conscious Cleanse.” Click here for more info on The Conscious Cleanse. I participated in this cleanse a couple of years ago. I think it is a brilliant program for many reasons.

First, any diet type can participate. Even if you are vegan or paleo, you can participate. The basis of the program is eating clean – no sugar, alcohol, gluten, dairy, etc. So, if you are a meat eater, you can eat all the meat you want and if you are vegan you can eat all the beans you want.

Second, the cleanse focuses on being kind to your body. You eat foods in a combination that is easiest to digest. Vegetables easily digest through our bodies, so you may eat vegetables with anything. Meat, grains, nuts and seeds should be eaten separate from each other. The body uses a significant amount of our energy for digestion when eating the traditional American diet. So, the idea is to lighten up the digestion load so the body puts more energy to other functions like releasing toxins and healing.

Finally, you can eat as much as you want. The cleanse is meant to help you become more aware of your cravings and eating habits. They don’t want you to starve yourself.

After a week of being on the cleanse, I have come to a very significant conclusion. Continue reading All About Food

Mindful Eating – It’s more than just making sure you chew your food.

One of my favorite things to do is have a Heather Date Night. That means making a fun meal, then picking out a fun movie to watch while eating dinner. It’s an extra special date night when I have a glass of wine with it. And, as is the case with most of my favorite things (like ice cream and cookies), this is not healthy. When it comes to living mindfully, sitting in front of the TV while eating is far from it. Such behavior is referred to as “mindless eating.”

The Creative Exchange via Unsplash

Mindless eating is:

1 – Eating past full – ignoring the body’s signs of fullness

2 – Eating dictated by emotions – depression, stress, sadness

3 – Eating “comfort foods”

4 – Eating while doing something else – working, watching TV, etc.

5 – Eating at random times and places

Yep. How many of those are you guilty of? Me too. The way to avoid these bad habits is to be present and mindful when eating.

Wait, what? We’re supposed to be mindful even when eating?

I’m afraid so. So, let’s look at this thing called “Mindful Eating.” Continue reading Mindful Eating – It’s more than just making sure you chew your food.

The Cashew Superpower Trilogy Part II

Part Two: Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese

When the weather starts to get really cold and I know winter is coming, I start craving comfort foods. Chicken soup with bread and butter is a big go to for me on a snowy day. Chili with Corn Bread is another on cold days, especially when we have company over. And then there is the most popular comfort food of all, Mac and Cheese.

I’ve heard many a debate over whether the “Blue Box” is better than homemade mac-and-cheese. Personally, I think it depends on your mood. But some will swear by the “Blue Box.” Personally, I prefer the “Bunny Box with Shells.”

But what if you are vegan or dairy-free and you are craving mac and cheese?

Raw Cashew to the Rescue!

Cashew’s superpower is to be a substitute for creamy goodness. In Part One of the Cashew Superpower Trilogy I wrote about Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip. Today, I share with you another cashew superpower recipe: Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese.

This is another recipe that has been a hit with friends and family. It thickens up just like cream would, creating a yummy, creamy sauce to put on your noodles. I’ve also had this sauce on spaghetti squash and it is just as delicious.

This recipe is very easy. The hardest part is probably having patience waiting for the sauce to thicken in the sauce pan.

Continue reading The Cashew Superpower Trilogy Part II

The Cashew Superpower Trilogy Part I

Part One: Spinach Artichoke Dip

Football season is in full force. On Sundays, people gather to eat yummy food and watch the football game. So, I thought sharing a healthy yet yummy snack would be appropriate.

Ember the Fluff Corgi Playing Pathfinder

We have people come to our house all the time to play board games and such. I am always making food for people. Our friends have a diverse diet. One is a vegan and another is paleo, some are dairy-free and some gluten-free.  So I’m constantly trying to find new, yummy recipes that will please an array of people.

This vegan artichoke dip is one of those perfect dishes to satisfy everyone. It isn’t difficult to make and is definitely a crowd-pleaser. And trust me, if a group of gamers used to junk food like it, you’ve got a winner. Continue reading The Cashew Superpower Trilogy Part I

The Third Recipe in the Cauliflower Superpower Trilogy

A long time ago, in a city not so far away, a woman experimented cooking a recipe with cauliflower as the rice. The recipe surprised and pleased the woman and she became curious…

Not so long ago, this same woman tried making buffalo wings with cauliflower, and was again surprised and pleased with the outcome. Her belief in the powers of the cauliflower grew…

Now, the woman is obsessed with the powers of the cauliflower. Searching the internet, she discovers yet another wonderful surprise, solidifying her belief in the superpower of the cauliflower… Continue reading The Third Recipe in the Cauliflower Superpower Trilogy

Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Reason #2 Why Cauliflower is the Bomb!

Back in October 2016, I wrote a blog about cauliflower having a super power. It had a recipe for Stir-fried cauliflower “rice” that was reason #1 cauliflower is the bomb. In that blog, I said I was going to try cooking cauliflower buffalo wings. That day has finally come. Continue reading Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

In Defense of the Misunderstood Broccoli Stem

While putting grocery bags into my car, I saw this:



A poor broccoli stem casually thrown on the parking lot pavement like trash.

This…is a TRAGEDY.

Once upon a time I, too, thought poorly of the broccoli stem. It added extra weight increasing the price of the broccoli only to be tossed into the trash. What a waste.

Then a wonderful friend and fantastic nutritionist enlightened me. She said the stem was the best part. Continue reading In Defense of the Misunderstood Broccoli Stem

Cauliflower has Super Powers! Stir-Fried Cauliflower “Rice”

Stir-Fried Cauliflower “Rice” Recipe from “Hello Healthy – My Fitness Pal”

I’d been hearing a lot about the “versatility” of cauliflower, which sounded ridiculous to me. In my mind, cauliflower has a very distinct taste. But I kept hearing about cauliflower hot wings, cauliflower mash, and cauliflower rice.

As many of you know, I LOVE the Alamo Drafthouse Theater. It’s the only place I’ll go to see movies because of their no talking policy. (Check out the Alamo Drafthouse here) The Alamo also has a great selection of food regardless of diet or palate preferences. So I was delighted to see them add Cauliflower Hot Wings with Vegan Dressing to their menu. Here was my chance to try this much raved cauliflower substitution. Needless to say, delicious. Continue reading Cauliflower has Super Powers! Stir-Fried Cauliflower “Rice”