Forgiveness and Mercy

I was listening to an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert when she said something that stopped me in my tracks.

“Anytime I get a chance to talk to people on the subject of mercy, I just want to put in a word for it. Because I believe that we live in a merciless culture, and I believe that we are merciless to ourselves and I believe that we are very often merciless to each other. But most merciless to ourselves because we’ve been taught to be.”

I heard her say the words “…I believe that we live in a merciless culture…”and I stopped in my tracks because she is right. Being in the healing industry, I’m always hearing talk of compassion. In fact, right now I’m taking an online workshop about self-compassion.

But mercy? Mercy seems like a more powerful word, an active word. And I started to wonder, what is the difference between compassion and mercy?

Let’s take a look at the definitions. Continue reading Forgiveness and Mercy

Ganesha Meditation

Hello Friends,

Thought I would share with you a guided meditation I recorded to help you during these uncertain times.

Find a quiet place in your home, sit comfortably, close your eyes and listen to the meditation.

I hope it helps! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Stay Well,

Heather the Healing Nerd

What if I’m the Storm?

Do you have people in your life that annoy you? Maybe they have a personality tick, or a habit, or a way of speaking that annoys you.

Or maybe it isn’t a person. Maybe it’s just a pet peeve that anybody can do and it sets your teeth on edge.

For me, it is humming. I can’t stand it if I’m at, for example, the grocery store and someone is humming while they are shopping. I know it seems ridiculous. What harm is there in people humming? The harm is I want to grab them and say, “Stop it!”

But these people humming aren’t doing it with the purpose to get a rise out of me. Neither is the person that annoys you with their personality tick. These people, the Pet Peeve People, are just going about their lives.

Is it really fair that they become the object of our wrath?   Of course not! Continue reading What if I’m the Storm?

Your Healing Journey on a Dime

As a society, we believe money makes the world go round. We believe money is involved with everything. Hence, we believe walking the healing path will be expensive. And if we don’t have the money, we can’t do it.

I’m here to tell you that, from my own experience, this isn’t true.

There have been many, many, many times in my life when I have not had extra money. And, frankly, those have been the times when I have needed the most healing. But, I’ve always found a way to heal, money or no money.

When it comes to learning how to live a healthy life style: mind, body and spirit – there are many free resources. And when it comes to living that healthy life style: eating healthy, moving your body, removing psychological blocks, loving who you are – there, too, we have many economical resources. You just need the time and patience to do a little research.

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Sighing is Healing

“Nothing can so pierce the soul as the uttermost sigh of the body.” ~ George Santayana

During a yoga class, a teacher said, “The body loves a good sigh.”

I did a big sigh and realized she was absolutely, 100% correct. I felt pretty good after that sigh.

When a yogi sighs in class, I can almost see the stress drain away from their body. They look a little lighter. And when I sigh in class, I, too, feel lighter.

When I’m teaching, I can always tell the pro yogis because they sigh. And those pro yogis aren’t always the ones getting into advanced poses.  To me, pro yoga  means that person gets the whole enchilada when it comes to yoga. They aren’t just there for exercise, or because they’ve been told it is a good thing to do for the body. Pro yogis understand they are there to release and heal.

And here’s the other important part. When these pro yogi’s sigh in class, it isn’t a quiet, dainty sigh. It is a sigh that starts as a huge inhale from the lungs and then asks the gut, “Hey, you want in on this action?” The sigh then releases as a full-throat, loud primal sound.

All of this led me to ask, Why do we sigh? Continue reading Sighing is Healing

I Am – The So Hum Meditation

I’m a 9 on the Enneagram.

Enneagram 9s believe that if we put attention on ourselves, we are going go create disruption and chaos. In order to avoid disruption and chaos, we put all our energy on everyone else around us. We are there to help them through the rough times. We are there to help them move forward in their lives, supporting them every step of the way.

But, putting that type of energy into our own life, we freeze. Or, more accurately, we fall asleep. This is why the sin of the Enneagram 9 is known as “sloth.”

Credit Javier Mazzeo via Unsplash

Sloth is not being lazy. On the contrary, 9s can have tons of energy and be very effective…if it is for someone else’s benefit. Ask a 9 to do something to move their own life forward and suddenly binge watching a TV shows seems like the best idea ever.

Hence, it is very important for Enneagram 9s to learn to focus on their own life. It is important for them to learn that their presence matters. It is very important that they believe it.

This is why the “So Hum” mantra is one of my favorite mantras. So Hum means “I am.” Continue reading I Am – The So Hum Meditation

Finding Forgiveness During the Holidays

The holidays are full of decorations, delicious food, friends and family, giving and fun! Right? Right?!

The truth is, the holidays can bring up a lot of relationship stuff. Yucky relationship stuff. Family issues. Difficult friendships.

You know what I’m talking about.

It may not be this year, but I’m guessing that everyone has endured an uncomfortable holiday gathering, or decided not to even go to a gathering because of a conflict.

What we don’t talk about often during the holidays, and definitely NEED to talk about during the holidays, is forgiveness.

Now, if you just got your back up because you are NEVER EVER going to forgive that a-hole in you family, and they don’t deserve to be forgiven. Relax. I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Forgiveness is for yourself. Not for them. Continue reading Finding Forgiveness During the Holidays

Gratitude for Others – The Loving Kindness Meditation

The other day, one of the yogis from class gave me a business card. The card simply said, “YOU MATTER.” She explained that there is a “You Matter Marathon” every November where the goal is to hand out 30 of the “YOU MATTER” cards to people. She said, “You matter to me, so I want you to have this.”

I felt so special and honored. It totally made my day.

I had never heard of the “You Matter Marathon”, so I had to look it up. Continue reading Gratitude for Others – The Loving Kindness Meditation

Self-Reflection: An Essential tool on the Yoga Nerd Path

Self-Reflection is the first step to Self-Awareness.

What the heck does that mean? Let’s break it down.

Self-Awareness – knowing one’s internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions. Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence.

Self-Awareness is conscious, in the moment knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires. Self-awareness is a key factor in the healing path. It is the surveying tool needed to create a map of yourself. Once you have a map of yourself, you know where you want to go. But it’s not easy. Being self-aware is being present; it basically means living in the moment. It’s very hard to be self-aware.  This is why learning self-reflection is so important.

Let’s talk briefly about being present and not present in your life. Most of us walk through life on automatic pilot. We have habits and reactions that drive our behavior without us even thinking about it. Driving a car is a good example. Continue reading Self-Reflection: An Essential tool on the Yoga Nerd Path

Chakra Meditation – All the Cool Kids Do It

The how to and why chakra meditation is such an awesome practice.

When I first started meditating regularly, Chakra Meditation was all I did. Every night when I got into bed, I would sit in bed and meditate. Going through the chakras one by one, chanting a mantra as I focused on each one. It was an assignment from my energy healing teacher. The idea was to not only heal my chakras, but to improve my capability to channel energy. Also, I think it was a great way to learn to meditate.

Meditating on your chakras is a great way to learn how to meditate because it gives you something firm to focus on and there is a beginning and an end. Also, I find that you begin to learn how to feel energy with this practice. The more you meditate, the more you increase your ability to channel in energy. The more energy you channel, the closer you come to becoming a Jedi. I’m just kidding. Though, I am serious about channeling energy into your body. Continue reading Chakra Meditation – All the Cool Kids Do It