My Favorite Podcasts

I figured I’d lighten things up this week, give ourselves a little break from information and news about the “Virus that Shall Not be Named.”

I’m a big fan of podcasts. I love listening to them when I’m cooking or cleaning. They are especially helpful when I’m doing a project like organizing a closet or when driving around town.

Most of the podcasts I listen to are set up like a talk show with guests. Some are like “60 mins” or “20/20” where they’re true life or investigative stories.

My favorite type of podcast is the “Series,” a pod cast story that has a beginning and an end. All the ones I’ve listened to have been true stories.  Some were fantastic. Some were okay. But there are a few series podcasts that were so memorable I often think back on them and even re-listen to them.

I hear about new podcasts either by word of mouth or they are recommended on another podcast I listen to.  I’ll always check out a recommended podcast. Some I enjoy and listen to for a while. Other I give it a couple episodes and then I drop it. Most I get tired of and move on to something different.

But there are a handful of podcasts that I never tire of. I find myself going back to them again and again when I want to listen to something. And I thought, maybe you would enjoy them too.

I’ve put a link with each description that takes you to the website. But you can easily go onto your podcast app on your phone and search the title of the podcast and check it out from there.

So, without further ado, here are Heather the Yoga Nerd’s favorite podcasts. (In no particular order.) Continue reading My Favorite Podcasts

“Initiation” – Part 2 of the Hero’s Journey Trilogy: COVID-19 Edition

In last week’s blog I explained the Hero’s Journey (Departure, Initiation, and Return) and how it has made me think of our current state of COVID-19 pandemic.  I went into detail about how the first step in the Hero’s Journey, Departure, related to our current state.  You can read that blog by clicking here.

So, this week we move to the next phase of the Hero’s Journey – Initiation.

Initiation – The Hero enters a new world where they face new dangers, tasks, and challenges. Alone or with a companion, the Hero faces many setbacks. However, the Hero survives and gets a reward for achieving their goal.

This stage of the Hero’s Journey is where we are right now.  We, individually and as a community, have new challenges, tasks, and dangers we have never experienced before. We are all moving in uncharted waters. We have all faced new dangers and challenges whether it be fear of COVID-19 because of serious health issues, or the challenge of finding toilet paper. We have all had to adjust our lifestyles to adapt to “Shelter in Place” living. Continue reading “Initiation” – Part 2 of the Hero’s Journey Trilogy: COVID-19 Edition

What if I’m the Storm?

Do you have people in your life that annoy you? Maybe they have a personality tick, or a habit, or a way of speaking that annoys you.

Or maybe it isn’t a person. Maybe it’s just a pet peeve that anybody can do and it sets your teeth on edge.

For me, it is humming. I can’t stand it if I’m at, for example, the grocery store and someone is humming while they are shopping. I know it seems ridiculous. What harm is there in people humming? The harm is I want to grab them and say, “Stop it!”

But these people humming aren’t doing it with the purpose to get a rise out of me. Neither is the person that annoys you with their personality tick. These people, the Pet Peeve People, are just going about their lives.

Is it really fair that they become the object of our wrath?   Of course not! Continue reading What if I’m the Storm?