Intro to Chakras – My Journey from Bull Crap to Belief

Intro to Chakras – My Journey from Bull Crap to Belief
Flower Chakras Courtesy of Pixabay

When I was a little girl, I saw Shirley McLaine on Johnny Carson talking about chakras. She took paper circles in the colors of the rainbow and taped them onto Johnny Carson. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. I thought it was a bunch of bull crap.

Thanks to the awesomeness of the internet, I was able to find that video. Click here if you want to watch the 10 minute interview.

As an adult who practices energy healing, watching this video is a whole different experience. I feel compassion for Shirley as she tries to explain chakras to the skeptical Johnny and his audience. And I admire that she doesn’t back down to his questions as he tries to keep the audience entertained. She plays along, but keeps her purpose.

It wasn’t until massage school that I started believing in chakras. I always believed in energy, but I thought chakras were a bunch of hooey. It was in an elective class on energy medicine that I began to have respect for chakras. I had a teacher who explained them to me in a way that made sense. Shirley didn’t quite have time for that on the Johnny Carson show.

So, let me try to make sense of chakras for you.

Energy travels through your body from the crown of your head, down your spine, and into the earth. The energy comes from a source somewhere up in the heavens. Depending on your spiritual beliefs, source can be called God, Allah, the Universe, or just plain old source. Regardless of what name, I see it as a big battery in the sky that is constantly sending energy down into the body. When we die, that energy goes back to the source.

The energy travels from the crown of your head, down through the spine, out the tailbone and into the earth. It connects us to the earth and keeps us grounded. From there, the earth sends energy up through the tailbone to the diaphragm where the source energy and the earth energy mix together. From there, the energy is filtered out through the chakras.

The seven chakras start from the tailbone and work up the spine to the crown of the head. They are the colors of the rainbow, starting with red at the bottom and purple at the top. The bottom three chakras deal with earthly issues. The upper four deal with spiritual issues. The chakras are seen as spinning discs of energy that project a funnel shape of energy out. Those funnel shapes create the energy field around us, also known as the aura. In order for the chakras to make the aura, the first chakra just projects down, chakras two through six project from the front AND the back of the body, and the crown chakra just projects up.

When a chakra is blocked by negative energy, issues arise related to that chakra. Once I learned this, things really started making sense to me. Energy healers believe that all illness is created from blocked energy. If only we were advanced enough to work with energy in much more detail we could cure diseases. However, we aren’t that evolved. We’re trying, though!

So let’s talk about the individual chakras.

1st Chakra – The first chakra is red. It is known as the “root” chakra because it comes out from the tailbone and projects into the earth. This chakra is related to our primitive needs: food, shelter, personal survival.  In energy sessions, I notice problems in the first chakra when the client is stressed about money or feels unsafe. When someone loses a parent, I always see the first chakra “gets whacked,” becoming out of balance. Your parents are with you from day one of your life. They are a huge foundation. To lose that foundation definitely affects the first chakra.

2nd Chakra – The second chakra is orange. It is known as the “sacral” chakra. It is related to creativity, relationships and human emotions. It is also related with sexual energy, which makes sense as it is located in the pelvis. When it is out of balance, often the client is being overly emotional or completely numb. It can lead to co-dependency or isolation. I feel the second chakra as active when a client is in a very creative time in their life, for example creating a new business. I’ve also felt it active when their body is ready to have a baby. On the negative side, I have felt trauma energy in the second chakra when someone has been sexually abused. I have felt the second chakra stuck when a client is trying to be creative but they just can’t come up with ideas.

3rd Chakra – The third chakra is yellow. It is known as the “solar plexus” chakra. It is called the power center and is located in the diaphragm area. If you think of my description of how energy flows, it is in the third chakra that the spirit and earth energy are mixed. I relate the mixing to our breathing; as we breathe, the movement of the diaphragm mixes the energy. The third chakra is related to will power. I was taught by my energy teacher that creative ideas come from the second chakra. They then move to the third chakra to manifest into reality.  The third chakra relates to personal identity, self-esteem, and motivation. When the third chakra is out of balance, clients may be unmotivated, have low self-esteem, or be overly controlling of their world. I most often sense blocks in the third chakra when a client wants to move forward in life but can’t seem to find the motivation for action.

Courtesy of Pixabay

4th Chakra – The fourth chakra is green. It is the first of the spiritually related chakras. It is known as the “heart chakra” and is located in the heart region of the torso. The fourth chakra relates to higher emotions and awareness such as compassion, interconnectedness, and forgiveness. When the heart chakra is out of balance, clients are sometimes holding grudges, refusing to understand the point of view of people around them, or unable to connect with other people. I often see client’s heart chakras shut down when they are trying to protect themselves from being hurt by not letting loved ones in, isolating themselves.

5th Chakra – The fifth chakra is blue. It is also known as the “throat chakra” because it is located in the throat area.  I relate the fifth chakra to finding your voice. It is about speaking your truth and finding your purpose. I often see the fifth chakra blocked in clients who believe their opinions don’t matter, are unsure how to speak up for themselves or are stifled to express themselves in a relationship. The fifth chakra is all about communicating to the world who you are and any time that is stifled, the fifth chakra is unhappy.

6th Chakra – The color of the sixth chakra is most often seen as a light purple. It is also known as the “third eye” chakra. The sixth chakra is located between the eye brows where they would meet in the center. It is the center of intuition and psychic abilities. As an energy healer, I have to admit I usually see the third eye chakra as either on or off. With spiritual development, the third eye begins to open and strengthen, increasing your intuitive abilities. Otherwise, I see it as dormant.

Flaky “Woo-Woo” Frankie from “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix

7th Chakra – The seventh chakra is seen as white. Although, it is often drawn in pictures as a deep purple, finishing the colors of the rainbow. It is also known as the “crown chakra” and is located at the top of the head. The seventh chakra is our connection to the divine. Through the seventh chakra, we communicate with spirit and access spiritual energy. This is another chakra I see as either active or dormant depending how much it is strengthened. When a client isn’t overly spiritual, the seventh chakra isn’t very powerful. When a client meditates on a regular basis, I can feel the seventh chakra reaching high up toward source. When it is over active, all of our energy is in our head and we are ungrounded. This is why the cliché, spiritual “woo-woo” person is depicted as flighty or air-headed. This is why it is so important for us to connect with earth energy.

This was a lot of info, Yoga Nerds! My goal here was to give you a basic foundation of the chakras. This is a subject that can go on and on and on. But I don’t want to confuse with too much information. And, honestly, what I have written here will give you the information you need to talk to other people about chakras and, hopefully, start thinking about your own chakras.

If you want to dive deeper right now, there is TONS of information on the internet, as well as books about chakras. But I’m here for you if you have any questions. Please feel free to email me as I’m happy to help. Just don’t ask me WHY each chakra is the color it is. I may write back addressing you as Johnny Carson!

I wanted so badly to go into how to unblock and strengthen the chakras, but again, I don’t want to overload. So be on the lookout for a future post on how to  work with the chakras for healing!

Full Rainbow at Heather the Yoga Nerd’s House

P.S. As I was writing this blog, a huge thunderstorm with hail and heavy rain happened. And with it came a full rainbow. I thought it was fun that a rainbow would appear while I’m writing about the rainbow colors of the chakras. Think there was a message in it?

Do you have a hard time believing in chakras? Did any of the chakra descriptions resonate with you, bringing up feelings or “a-ha” moments? Were you surprised by any of the information? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below or email me at

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