Piggy bank

As a society, we believe money makes the world go round. We believe money is involved with everything. Hence, we believe walking the healing path will be expensive. And if we don’t have the money, we can’t do it. I’m …

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My new thing is paddle boarding, otherwise known as Stand Up Paddleboard, or SUP if you are one of the cool kids. I was paddle boarding for the second time when I started observing how happy I was. Obviously, paddle …

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Since the beginning of the year, I have been trying to walk a new path in my life. A proactive path where I create my own life. If this sounds common, or ridiculous, please know that for a 9 on …

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I’m a 9 on the Enneagram. Enneagram 9s believe that if we put attention on ourselves, we are going go create disruption and chaos. In order to avoid disruption and chaos, we put all our energy on everyone else around …

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The other day, one of the yogis from class gave me a business card. The card simply said, “YOU MATTER.” She explained that there is a “You Matter Marathon” every November where the goal is to hand out 30 of …

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Credit Pixabay

An anchor is a symbol of stability and strength. I’ve been playing with the idea of anchors in yoga.  The idea of a part of the body being your anchor in a pose is just my theory. It is something …

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Credit Oscar Blair via Unsplash

Self-Reflection is the first step to Self-Awareness. What the heck does that mean? Let’s break it down. Self-Awareness – knowing one’s internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions. Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence. Self-Awareness is conscious, in the moment knowledge of one’s …

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Isabell Winter via Unsplash

The how to and why chakra meditation is such an awesome practice. When I first started meditating regularly, Chakra Meditation was all I did. Every night when I got into bed, I would sit in bed and meditate. Going through …

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Credit Dmitriy Adamenko via Unsplash

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about becoming grounded at a moment’s notice. Since then, I ran across an image of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal dance move. The one where his feet stay flat on the ground but …

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Credit Rob Bye via Unsplash

“If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact our physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, …

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