A big welcome to our guest blogger, Anya Willis! You can find more of her fabulous work at www.fitkids.info.   EXERCISE INSIDE AT ANY AGE BY ANYA WILLIS Hoping to find great workouts for every member of your family? It …

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Livestream yoga classes are here to stay. Many people have commented on the luxury of logging into class 5 minutes before it starts. There is the same luxury of already being home when the class is over. No travel time …

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Photo by Paul Jai on Unsplash

It’s true. Yoga is the Sanskrit word for yoke. It comes from the root word “yug,” which literally means to yoke or unite. That is what yoga is – coming together, a uniting. Let’s explore the many ways to view …

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I’m in a yoga class (livestream of course). The teacher has guided us into half-moon with a bind, something I have never done before. It feels awkward. I’m wobbling on my standing leg. I feel the frustration starting to bubble …

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“Nothing can so pierce the soul as the uttermost sigh of the body.” ~ George Santayana During a yoga class, a teacher said, “The body loves a good sigh.” I did a big sigh and realized she was absolutely, 100% …

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Credit www.shareyoga.com

I think we, as yogis, often think of the breath and the pose as two different things. Because of this, the breath often gets left to the way side. Which is why I’m constantly reminding yogis in class to use …

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“The Devil is in the Details” – Problems or difficulties that result from the unforeseen nature of unexamined details. A catch hidden in the details. Many moons ago, a chiropractor (who will remain anonymous) was trying to adjust my back …

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I remember my first yoga class. It was horrible. It was in a small room in the basement of a gym. The lights were turned down so I couldn’t see anyone for reference. I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know …

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Credit Pixabay

An anchor is a symbol of stability and strength. I’ve been playing with the idea of anchors in yoga.  The idea of a part of the body being your anchor in a pose is just my theory. It is something …

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Credit Dmitriy Adamenko via Unsplash

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about becoming grounded at a moment’s notice. Since then, I ran across an image of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal dance move. The one where his feet stay flat on the ground but …

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