Private Yoga Instruction

“I’ve been happy to have Heather as my personal yoga instructor for a number of years now. Her individualized approach works well for my goals, and her philosophy melds the traditional metaphysical approach with approachable practicality. Both her professionalism and her spirit reflect her values admirably, and I look forward to sessions with her even when I am less motivated or tired. I would happily recommend her to people just starting out and those more experienced alike, whether you are a complete novice or looking to refine specific forms.” ~ J.U.

“For almost two decades I have been practicing yoga. Sometimes with more consistency than others, but somehow, I have always found my way back to the mat. My primary practice has consisted of vinyasa, with some yin and restorative mixed in. Hot yoga has always been my nemesis as the heat makes me angry! I have even enjoyed several yoga retreat experiences including one to Iceland.
In January of 2017 my yoga practice was halted abruptly when I was hit by a driver who failed to stop at the light I was waiting at. Long story short my back was broken and as you may imagine a tremendous amount of pain as well as physical limitations stifled my life as I had known it. Thankfully with a very supportive group of family and friends I braved the journey of having a spinal fusion. While the recovery was s-l-o-w….very s-l-o-w, I am grateful that I have had a successful recovery and have regained access to most of my life.
One of the greatest gifts that I have been able to take advantage of as part of my recovery and healing is the opportunity to get back to the mat through private yoga sessions with Heather. The community yoga at my favorite studio is not quite yet accessible for safety reasons but having one-on-one movement with Heather is. While I have continued my physical therapy adding in yoga has been a huge leap in my healing. My ego was crushed when Heather came for our first session as I was not even able to sink in to child’s pose, let alone do a forward fold or savasana. However, with Heather tailoring my practice to match my body’s ability (and yes, challenging me) I am proud to be able to say that within 90 days I have been able to accomplish tremendous strides in strength, flexibility and even endurance.
Whether you are considering private sessions due to being too shy to begin practice in a group setting, to recover from and injury/illness, weight loss, or simply challenging yourself to a loftier yoga practice I would strongly recommend practicing with Heather. She puts in as much work and energy into planning and guiding through each and every session as you will on the mat! Her positive outlook and friendly demeanor make letting go of ego easier and her no-nonsense approach to safety is a true blessing.” ~ J.M.



The Nine Personalities of the Enneagram

Enneagram Consultations

“I signed up for Heather’s Enneagram workshop based on a friend’s recommendation that it would be fun and interesting.  So, I really didn’t have any knowledge or expectations walking in to it.  However, what I learned from the experience has been invaluable!  It’s affected the way I understand myself, as well as those around me in a more kind and compassionate light.  In a way, it brought another element of health to my life that I had overlooked.  Since attending Heather’s workshop, I have improved self-awareness and a greater understanding of how people I love see the world.  It’s definitely a mind opener!  Heather is obviously very passionate about the Enneagram and her teaching provides a safe place for self discovery as well as healing without judgment.  Sharing that space with others and other Enneagram types was also key to making the workshop fun, interesting, and very enlightening.  She has the foresight to create a dynamic community of life long Enneagram learners!” ~ T.D.

“Heather did a wonderful job explaining the Enneagram in a way that was easy to understand.  I really like how using a number to describe traits removed the ‘personal’ aspect out of the equation.  It’s a fun workshop and it is interesting to observe the participants and find out what their number is.  I found myself really listening to people and paying closer attention to what they were saying.” ~ L.L.

“My experience with the Enneagram began over a decade ago when I was introduced to it by Heather. She brought it up in casual conversation and sparked my interest right away. The idea that there was another way to try and understand and better communicate with those in my life was intriguing! I began to do my own research and reading on the subject followed by attending a weekly group Enneagram workshop.
Fast forward several years to when Heather began hosting her own Enneagram workshops. I was eager to attend and glad that I did as the window to my learning seemed to open wide up. Through Heather’s teachings I was able to relate, for good or bad, my interactions with those in my life to my number based on the underlying true “motivator”. As I began to try and apply communication methods in my personal life I realized that the opportunity to bring it into my professional life was waiting as well.
Heather has since provided her Enneagram teachings as a contractor on several occasions to our corporation, for both Management and entry level staff members. These workshops have been priceless as our team has continued to individually and collectively educate themselves on the Enneagram. We use it in the workplace for many different communications including coaching and counseling, training experiences, and conflict resolution. In fact, literally just this morning one of our Managers told me that he brought the materials from Heather’s workshop in to work with his team on it earlier in the week.
The Enneagram provides is a great resource and tool for a better understand of yourself, what motivates you, and how to optimize your interactions and communication with the world around you. It can also enable you to access some of the same insights on the people in your life.
If you are interested in learning more about the Enneagram Heather is a fantastic resource and teacher. I would highly recommend reaching out to her.” ~ J.M.



Credit: Dmitry Bayer via Unsplash

Energy Work

“I had so many deep dark secrets from my past that kept me sick for a long time. I didn’t know how to cope with certain events and pushed it all down. I saw a few different psychiatrists through out my life, took meds, sought religion, but nothing ever helped me be free. When I found Heather and received energy work, it began the road to freedom. It was like intense therapy, but I felt so comfortable and safe. Unlike anything I have ever experienced, she really changed my life. I have come to more understanding, acceptance, love for myself, and feel peace.” ~ M.C.

“I’ve been receiving energy work from Heather for over 14 years. It has been extremely liberating for me in life, helping free me of old patterning, bringing me clarity with difficult decisions, and resolving conflict in healthy ways.  When I am feeling “stuck” or having a hard time seeing a personal or professional situation with objectivity, I find it very useful to see Heather for an energy session. After a session, I am far less emotionally charged by what I’m facing, and able to move forward and take necessary actions. Through her energy work, Heather has gifted me more than I could ever begin to repay.” ~ M.H.

“Heather provides a well-rounded and holistic approach to her energy sessions. She has studied and practices a variety of healthy and healing practices which give her a unique approach. She is very attuned with energy and can connect with you both in person and through video sessions. She is a perfect mix of strength and kindness, and can cut through the fog that surrounds you to reveal the underlying issues and energy that is no longer serving you. This helps her clients, myself included, to process, let go and move through each layer as it comes up in a safe and health space.” ~ JPB, United Kingdom

“I would recommend Heather to anyone who is interested in energy work. I always feel comfortable and immediately at ease around Heather. Through her energy work she helped me release some very old toxic beliefs I held about myself. She has a gift, she is a gift! Do yourself a favor and experience energy work from Heather.” ~ M.B.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I met Heather for energy work.  I was amazed at how she able to hone in on what was going on with me.  Heather was able to help me remove some old emotional baggage so I could move forward.  I left feeling like a weight had truly been lifted off of my heart.  I meet with Heather, for energy work, anytime I am feeling stuck. I have had both in person and remote energy session with Heather.  I believe each work their own magic.  While I LOVE seeing Heather, I also like being in the privacy of my own home while getting a treatment.  Plus… I don’t have to drive home.” ~ L.L.

“I highly recommend Heather for energy work. I came to Heather seeking guidance in healing some emotional wounds. She was very accepting, kind and understanding. I was unsure about what to expect from the session. I was quickly reassured my Heather’s warm spirit. I was able to trust Heather and communicate easily with her. The experience has greatly aided me on my path to healing. I was able to understand my experience more fully and able to release negative energies. I plan on continuing with Heather, as she is such a nurturing and talented person.” ~ A.R.

“I went to Heather for Energy Work, I was stuck and trying to figure some things out. I didn’t know what to expect, but went in with an open mind. She brought up some things that made a lot of sense and removed some of the negativity and blocks and really helped me move forward. Thank you Heather, I appreciate all you did!” ~ L.M.