The What, Why and How of Energy Healing

The What, Why and How of Energy Healing
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I’m often asked, “What the hell is energy healing?”

This is a good question. As much as I’d love to go into the science of it, I really don’t want to…because I hate the science of it. I’ve read articles and watched YouTube videos both supporting and debunking energy healing.  Let me tell you this instead.

I’ve experienced some crazy things over the years from when I was studying energy to my own practice with clients. I’ve seen people change and grow from energy sessions, including myself.

So, I will tell you what I know about energy healing.

Everything is made of energy, including our bodies. That’s because everything is made of atoms. If you think about what the solar system looks like, that is pretty much how an atom looks. Atoms are kind of like our solar system in that there is a center like the sun called a nucleus that is made of protons and neutrons. And like the planets in our solar system, an atom has electrons that circle around the nucleus. Everything is made up of atoms, including you and the electronic device you are reading on right now. So, if you want to get really trippy, what if our solar system is just a tiny atom in some other giant structure? For all we know, we are the tiny weeny bits of a stuffed animal in some other dimension.

But I digress…sorry. We were talking about energy.


Think about all the empty space in an atom. And think about the energy of those electrons swirling around the nucleus. That’s a lot of space and a lot of energy. So I believe that our bodies are made up of the energy of all these atoms. If you want a bit more info, watch this fun video on YouTube about atoms. We can’t see the atoms. Therefore, we can’t technically see the energy. But I believe we can feel it.

For example, think about a time when you met someone and you could tell they were attracted to you. That’s energy. Or think about all the times we say, “The energy changed in the room,” meaning the mood shifted. We feel that. The other day I was at a hockey game and the crowd was going wild. The guy behind me said, “I’m lovin’ the energy in here!” And then the visiting team scored on the home team, and then scored again. Yeah, the energy of the crowd totally changed.

We can instinctively read energy. I think we can also collect energy as we move throughout our day-to-day lives. It can be energy from our own moods, it can be energy from other people. Sometimes it is negative energy. As that negative energy collects, it begins to bog down our natural energy. It’s like our own vision and our own natural state gets covered in fog. We can’t see clearly what direction we need to go. We can’t listen to our own gut reactions because they are clouded by the negativity.


This is where I come into the picture.

Credit: Andrew Neel via Unsplash

I start every energy session by feeling the energy that is surrounding the client. I read the energy, tell them what it is, and then I remove it. I continue to remove layers until the clients energy field starts to feel healthy again.  At the end of the session, I fill them up with good energy. People often say they feel lighter after a session and often they are glowing a bit.

People usually come for energy sessions when they are feeling stuck in life or they don’t know what direction to go. Others come when they are in a toxic relationship and they are having a hard time leaving. Some people come regularly just to have any negative energy they may have picked up scraped off, kind of like a regular tune up. During sessions a pattern or life view is sometimes revealed that is causing the person to make the same mistakes over and over.  Sometimes what is happening in their life is explained so they can see the lesson behind it and view the situation in a healing way.

So, what are some of the crazy things I’ve experienced?

My first weekend energy workshop I was as green as a spring sprout. I was with three other friends who were just as green. As the opening ceremony, the whole group got into a circle and started channeling energy. Next thing I knew, my two friend were about to faint because of the energy in the room. I, too, felt light-headed. But my two friends were already down and I couldn’t be the third. So, I hung back while the seasoned energy workers took care of my friends. This isn’t an unusual reaction. If you aren’t used to huge amounts of energy being channeled, like a group of energy workers channeling energy at the same time, it can cause a physical reaction. I’ve never had such a dramatic reaction as I worked on someone. At most, people fall asleep on the table while I’m working on them because the energy is just too much for them. They are still receiving the energy and experiencing the healing despite being asleep.

I had a client who came every couple of weeks like clockwork as she was working through a lot of life stuff, old and new. At the end of one session, as I was filling her with good energy, I suddenly got this thought in my head that her roommate was moving out. “Is your roommate moving out?” I asked her. “No,” she said, “Well, at least I don’t think so! She seems happy.” The following session, first thing she said was, “You know how you asked me if my roommate was moving out? I got home and my roommate informed me that she is moving out at the end of the month to move in with her girlfriend in another state.” “Huh,” I said, “Well there ya go!”

People will come to me for one reason and underneath that is the true issue they have been struggling with but haven’t told anyone. I’ve sensed that people have been raped or molested as a child. I’ve sensed that someone has been punched in the face repeatedly by an abusive lover.  I’ve sensed how nasty some people’s parents are to them. I’ve sensed the deep grief someone is feeling over a lost parent.

All of these traumas become cell memories in the body. Cell memories are negative energy locked into the body. When I was in massage school, we were trained what to do if someone suddenly freaked out during a massage because a cell memory was released. For example, a war veteran may have a memory release and suddenly they have jumped off the table and are in the corner of the room in a defensive position. Thank goodness that has never happened to me. But we were trained for a reason. We were also trained what to do if a man gets an erection during a massage. And Thank Goodness that has never happened to me! But again, I digress…

I only have one rule with clients. You have to want the session. I had a woman call me to make an appointment for her boyfriend. She said he was afraid of getting married. I asked, “Does he WANT to have a session?” “Oh yeah!” she said.

He soooooo did not want a session. The man was an engineer on oil rigs. He was telling me how serious things were on oil rigs and I said, “So, there’s no crying on oil rigs.” He looked at me completely serious, “No, there’s no crying on oil rigs.” The guy didn’t even crack a smile. Anyway, the guy was obviously there to make his girlfriend happy. It didn’t change his mind about marriage. He wasn’t afraid of marriage. He didn’t want to get married. A month later his girlfriend came in for a session. That was a much more effective session.

Sometimes a person comes once and I never see them again. I figure they didn’t like the session. 6 months later a referral from that person will contact me saying I helped that person so much and they are hoping I can help them.

And I’m sure some of those people I only see once really didn’t like the session. Maybe I wasn’t the right person for them. There are many styles of energy healing out there, just as there are many styles of massage. If you have one energy session and don’t like it, don’t give up. Maybe you haven’t found the right person for you.

Credit: Dmitry Bayer via Unsplash

I wouldn’t do this work if I didn’t believe in it. It has helped me immensely and I believe it has helped clients immensely. If you are feeling stuck on your healing journey, energy work is a great way to remove the blocks and get you moving forward again. It gives you a boost, helps remove layers, and gives you some insight.

I hope this blog opened your world up to energy healing. Or at least cracked the door a bit. If you have questions, please ask them in the comments. There are probably other Yoga Nerds with the same questions but are afraid to ask. You can also email me at

Happy Healing, Yoga Nerds!





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