Your Healing Journey on a Dime

Your Healing Journey on a Dime
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As a society, we believe money makes the world go round. We believe money is involved with everything. Hence, we believe walking the healing path will be expensive. And if we don’t have the money, we can’t do it.

I’m here to tell you that, from my own experience, this isn’t true.

There have been many, many, many times in my life when I have not had extra money. And, frankly, those have been the times when I have needed the most healing. But, I’ve always found a way to heal, money or no money.

When it comes to learning how to live a healthy life style: mind, body and spirit – there are many free resources. And when it comes to living that healthy life style: eating healthy, moving your body, removing psychological blocks, loving who you are – there, too, we have many economical resources. You just need the time and patience to do a little research.

When I was in grade school, whenever I had a question, whenever I needed help, I went to the library. I was always able to find my answers in a book. It was there that I also discovered new things about the world that helped me define who I was. An essential part of healing is getting to know yourself and learning to love yourself.

Furthermore, have you ever checked out the self-help section at the library? So much advice, it’s overwhelming!

So that was the beginning of my free healing path. Gotta love the library!

But now we have another free tool…ye ole’ internet! It is amazing the help you can find there. YouTube is not only full of inspirational and informative TedTalks, but also meditations, yoga practices, healthy recipes, and advice. I’ve even found free documentaries on health and healing. Plus the internet is full of articles and blogs with lots of helpful information. It has always amazed me that I can type any question I have into that Yahoo search field and, like magic, articles and videos with answers appear. The internet has been a game changer when it comes to walking the healing path on a dime.

Speaking of technology, smart phones have been a game changer as well! There is an app for everything! Calorie counting, tracking water intake, guided meditations, and tracking steps and workouts just to name a few. For the most part, these apps are free. Not sure which app to use, Google it. There are tons of articles on the best apps out there.

Furthermore, there are always deals out there in the world for the financially conscious. Many yoga studios offer free community classes or discounted classes. Parks and hiking trails are free. Heck, mall walking is free!

And eating healthy isn’t as costly as you would think. It just takes time and planning and you will be eating healthy on a dime. Again, on the internet there are tons of articles, blogs, and videos on how to eat healthy on a tight budget.

Another thing the internet has created is a network and a sense of community. Don’t laugh! I’m serious. If you are a member of, you have seen people helping people every day. All it takes is for someone to post what they need help with and people are commenting below with suggestions and offers of help. As one person said, “We have to take care of each other.”

And the cheapest of all, there is your circle of close friends and family. They are a resource for healing beyond measure. They have an abundance of advice, resources and support to help you on your healing path. Lean on them, and let them lean on you.

Finally, take a moment to look at my list of 7 Truths of Healing.  You’ll see that none of them truly require money. Once we know what to do, we alone are truly the only thing we need to heal.

Here are some of my favorite go to tools for healing on a dime.

Insight Timer – Free App – If you have ever been to one of my workshops, you have heard me talk about Insight Timer.  I have had insight timer for 10 years. It is my “go-to” when I want to sit for a guided meditation. – App and Website – $12/month – This is the best place for high quality yoga classes of all levels and styles. And, when it comes to yoga memberships, $12/month is super cheap. Most studios are $99/month and up! – Free Website – Not sure how to do that pose on has a database of poses for you to research. It is my “go-to” when I’m not sure about a pose.

MyFitnessPal – Free Website and App – This is my favorite app for watching calories. It has a huge data base of foods, including meals from restaurants. You can also keep track of your exercise. There is a free sister app called “MapMyWalk” that tracks your walk so you know how far, how long, and how many calories. It connects to MyFitnessPal to add your walk to your daily log.

Conscious Cleanse Website – Free – This Company’s website is a wonderful resource for healthy recipes. And their blog is a great resource to answer healthy lifestyle questions when it comes to food. They also have a nice newsletter.

Plant Nanny – Free App – This is a cute little game to help you track how much water you are drinking every day. As you drink water, you water your plant. And if you don’t drink enough water, your plant starts to wilt and die. There are ads in the free version. But for 99 cents, you can get rid of the ads, which is well worth it!

Journaling – Journaling is free and one of the best ways to practice self-reflection. You don’t have to be strict about it. Journal when you want and for as long as you want. When you are feeling confused, frustrated, or angry, your journal can be your best friend for sorting things out. And, it will never tell a soul.

Walking – Walking has always been a very healing exercise for me. Not only is it free, it is low impact and accessible for everyone. It keeps you healthy and gives you time to think things through. It is also a great time to listen to informational and inspirational podcasts!

Enneagram Podcasts – Free – There are many Enneagram podcasts out there to help you learn about the Enneagram and, more importantly, learn about yourself. (Don’t know what the Enneagram is? Click here!) Most podcasts title each episode with which Enneagram type they are discussing or Enneagram type of the guest. I have learned so much by listening to other people talk about what it is like to be their Enneagram type. And I have grown by leaps and bounds by listening to other Enneagram 9s talk about their journeys. My favorites are The Road Back to You, Typology, The Enneagram Journey, and The Art of Growth – Enneagram Panels.

Do you have a favorite economical source that is a favorite tool for your healing journey? Share it in the comments below!

“My full time job, is my Mental Health.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

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I am a yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer and I teach Enneagram workshops. I'm here to help people grow and find their true selves.

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